- Enter McAfee Product Key - product key

Whether you are from a technical background or a common man, cybercriminals do not spare anybody. Even if you think that you have done everything to safeguard your device, but a single loophole is all it takes to get hacked. Hackers keep on looking for this loophole and infect the virus in a person's PC. Nowadays, we hear of several cybercrime stories and how a hacker financially robbed somebody with a few clicks. Such things usually happen with elder people because they do not know about the latest threats, scams, etc.

For such people, McAfee has developed software known as McAfee Total Protection 2020. This product can be easily accessed via because this link is enough to have any McAfee product on your device. If you are a new user and wondering how to use McAfee for the first time, then worry no more. I will walk you through the process to install McAfee by visiting but first, you should learn about the product key.

What is product key?

Product key, also known as activation code is an essential component of any software. Antivirus manufacturers develop it to make the product licensed and to know that you have not purchased the product through fraudulent means. On the other hand, product key plays an essential role in the product activation process. Speaking about product key, we can say that it is a set of 25 digits alphanumeric characters and these characters are case-sensitive. Therefore, you should be extra careful while dealing with the product key.

How to redeem the product key?

Redeeming the product key is based on the method through which you have bought it. Failed attempts to enter the product key might restrict you to use it further, hence, enter it correctly.

Online method- if you have purchased the product key through McAfee's online platform or from an online retailer such as Amazon, you will receive the product key in your registered mailbox. To redeem it:

  1. Go to the inbox of your registered email address
  2. Open the email from McAfee
  3. Find the activation code and copy it
  4. Click on the link www
  5. Here you will see a space for the key
  6. Enter it in the given space and click Submit
Offline method- those of you who have bought the product key from a retail shop are provided with the retail card. On it, the product key is imprinted but under a silver coating. To redeem it:
  1. Scratch the silver coating to reveal the code
  2. Go to from your preferred browser
  3. Enter this code in the given space
  4. Click on the Submit button and you are done

What are the steps for McAfee login?

For McAfee sign in, you can follow the steps given below in the exact manner as they are listed:
  1. Open a web browser and go to the home page of McAfee
  2. Go to My Account tab and then click Sign In.
  3. Here, you need to enter your registered email address and password.
  4. After this, click on the Log In option.
  5. In case, you need to create a McAfee account, select “New User? Register Now”.
  6. After this, follow the prompts to create your McAfee account.
  7. Upon filling in the required details, click Log In.

How to download McAfee with product key?

You must follow the steps given below carefully for McAfee download with product key:
  1. For McAfee download, go to
  2. After this, enter the activation code in the provided field
  3. Complete the McAfee sign in process
  4. Navigate to the desired McAfee product
  5. Click Download present against it
  6. If you have already used the product key, click “Download your software”.

What are the steps to install McAfee?

  1. After completing the McAfee antivirus download process, locate the .exe file
  2. Look for it in the “Downloads” folder
  3. After locating it, right-click on the file
  4. Further, click on the Install button
  5. The product will now get installed

Easy instructions on how to activate McAfee

On Windows:
  1. Double-click on the McAfee icon
  2. Log in to your account when prompted
  3. Enter the McAfee activate product key when prompted
  4. Wait for a couple of minutes
  5. Once activated, you can start using the product
On mac
  1. Double-tap on the McAfee icon
  2. Complete the McAfee sign in the process when asked
  3. Enter the Mac admin account details
  4. Further, enter the product serial number
  5. Click finish after entering the product key

How to remove McAfee?

Sometimes, you need to uninstall McAfee from your device because it is creating trouble during the update process. Therefore, follow the steps mentioned below to successfully delete McAfee from your device.

Note: Do not forget to install it again to enjoy comprehensive McAfee security services.

  1. First of all, click on the Start option
  2. Go to the search box on the taskbar
  3. Here, you need to type Control Panel
  4. Select Programs followed by Programs and Features
  5. Locate McAfee from the list and press and hold on it
  6. Else, right-click on it and select Uninstall

Once the product gets uninstalled, you need to restart the device to save the changes. As mentioned above, reinstall McAfee for continuous threat and virus protection. In case you are not able to complete any step from any section, then you may repeat the steps from the beginning. On top of that, you are also suggested to not to enter the product key incorrectly for multiple times as it may block your product key.